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Welcome Witchy One,

If you’re new to my cyber home, this page will give you a quick intro about all that you can explore here.

Thank you for your presence, it is my sincerest intention that something I share with you will in some way brighten or positively impact your day.

Thanks for dropping by, it’s delightful to have you here!

Stella Seaspirit |


After December 2012 Earth’s timeline shifted forever, accelerating the global planetary consciousness in waves unfelt since the Golden Age of Atlantis.

Between 2020-2030 more and more people are awakening to the awareness that there is more to life than what the physical senses convey. And more and more people are seeking deeper soul connection to live a life with more meaning, intention and purpose that feels aligned with their emerging personal truth.

Since 2006, I’ve been showing the way for witchy spiritual seekers, starseed and earth angels with an affinity for magick to make it happen in real life. Cutting through misinformation and “new age” hype. In 2010, this website was created to be of service to sparkling souls internationally.


If your intention is:

✦ To move from fear-based restriction to more conscious power-full living by actively making the positive changes that will lead to experiencing more health, love, wealth, tranquillity, success and happiness in your life, then that’s what this space is about.

✦ To feel comfortable in your true multidimensional nature, reclaim your inherent power and expand your cosmic connection, that’s what we do here.

✦ To stop being stifled by internal and external judgements and expectations, not acting on or trusting your intuitive nudges and feeling confused about *witch* foot to put forward first —  indeed, we do that too.

Allow me to accompany you for a time on your journey, to help you gain confidence in your practice, deepen your spiritual connection, invite more flow and cosmic blessings into your life, enhance your magickal power and bring to light more of the sparkle in your soul…

Stella Seaspirit | Witchy Spiritual Life Coach |

Hello, I'm Stella.

I help witchy ones incorporate their spirituality into everyday life and connect more deeply with Source.

I guide them to change and charge up their life with the celestial and elemental realms so that they live their truth with confidence and experience more grace and flow on their path.

When I’m not mentoring witches, I am swirling starlight, revitalising DNA with crystals and sniffing essential oils.

If you're curious, you can read my whole story (with pictures) here.

How May I Best Assist You Today?

I've been creating guides and answering reader questions on this site for a while now so there are over 100 of them. Scroll down to look at some that I've hand-selected that might be just what you’d like to know right now and to quickly get a sense of my personal style of Source-ry. I trust that you will adore what you read.?

Getting Started On The Best Foot

Being Luminous

Unseen Realms

Acts of Magick

Future Now

Your Next Step...

As you've seen, there are a lot of moving parts. What's noteworthy is that everything points to you ~ your inherent power and wisdom, plus your free will. 

So the next practical step for you is to CONNECT with your inner wise one.

By doing a simple 5-minute practice, morning and night:

• You will gain confidence in yourself, feel more in tune with who you really are and your abilities to create on-purpose

• You will trust and understand intuitive nudges thus make better decisions (and see them through)

• You will feel lighter and happier ~ energetically clear on your path (even when it gets tough)

• You will receive more Soul-Source messages and uncover deeper truths

• You will invite more ease, grace, flow and cosmic blessings in to your life

It's not complex. It's not time-consuming. No special tools or fancy ingredients required.

It's about becoming present within your own magick and deeply rooted in your personal power to cut through the external distraction and noise keeping you from living your truth with confidence, grace and flow.

Give me 5 minutes...

And you will feel more deeply connected 
to Source energy and your inner witch.

So that you create transformative shifts in your reality and
 shine your light, with confidence.

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